By joining our community you are opening the doors to an intimate non-judgmental platform where one comes to experience and share beliefs on health, slow travel, wellbeing and soulful aesthetics. If we care, first we have to self-care.

    2 sisters, Lina and Aiste would like to welcome you into the world of wellbeing and curated travel. We are inviting You to join us in our adventure of exploring the philosophy of “Feel Well, Do Well” that could be incorporated into your everyday rituals by simply becoming one of our member’s. We carefully curate the content, products and services that we provide to You and seek to embrace all that we believe is necessary for our everyday rituals – from online Yoga and Pilates videos to curated seasonal kits delivered to your post box. All that becomes great starts from being almost invisible – allow your everyday to be filled with our delicately chosen dose of little wellness magic.


Benefits for members:

  • All online yoga and pilates videos for beginners, intermediates and advanced.
  • Weekly newsletter covering the topics of health, art, travel, philosophy, books, yoga and pilates of course… All very personal, with no intention of marketing, only sharing what we believe in with a personal letter of reflection on “where we are at”.
  • New workout videos added regularly.
  • Technique tutorials based on frequently asked questions.
  • Invitations to members’ only events, workshops and retreats.
  • Yummy, healthy and quick recipes based on season sent straight to your inbox every month.
  • Community events organised worldwide. Being online does not mean we do not crave to meet you!
  • Discounts for upcoming wellness products, bundles and events.
  • Curated travel guides with tips and tricks sent to your inbox.
  • All news delivered to your inbox prior to official release.
  • Member only retreats where all details can be discussed – location, theme, duration and of course – food!
  • Free starter’s bundle sent to your inbox.
  • Experience the benefits of your practice at home or on the go, on any device, anytime.
  • Easy monthly auto-renew, cancel at any time.
  • Discount for a nutritional therapy based on your body needs (basic guidelines for healthy body and mind – as an offer).
  • Infinite genuine connection – all our attention is drawn to your questions and demands. Feel free to e-mail us with all questions and requests. We believe in generous and genuine exchanges.
  • A “talks” where we invite experts of different fields to discuss subjects close and important to our community.
  • Special member only zoom live classes. We shall try to incorporate all your requests and make it into a series of wellness flows.
  • Special offers for one-on-one online sessions with Lina and Aiste.
  • Frequent videos where we answer your questions and share our insights.
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