Yoga and pilates teachers Lina and Aiste - Curated by Sisters
Yoga and Pilates teachers Lina and Aiste - Curated by Sisters

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Curated by Sisters

Curated by sisters is a project by two sisters who seek to find the natural balance in living a healthy everyday life. Seeking to be healthy and glowing, happy and natural, sustainable and conscious, adventurous and open.  We created this platform and filled it with tips,  wellness products, travel experiences, yoga and pilates videos, nutritional recipes and all other treasures of well balanced lifestyle in order to share with You our philosophy of “feel well, do well”. We believe that it can become a safe place that connects like minded people and who believe that a healthy mind and body is the key to the quality of life. Let us all slow down, and appreciate the magic we can personally bring to this world.


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Aiste Stragyte

Aiste has been a dreamer, all her life, up until now and shall probably stay forever. This has become a tool taking her to places, from which she gathered not only memories, but also experiences. Spending her youth in ballroom dance studios (becoming a Youth vice champion of the world became a cherry on top). Following with a degree in Political Science and International Relations broadened her views and increased her attention to the affairs – political and personal. Whilst continuing to dream she travelled and lived in Lyon, London and settled in Milan for her studies at Istituto Marangoni in Interior and Product design. Through all those travels her best companion became a carry on suitcase and yoga classes – they kept her company when cities were still unknown faces up until when the narrow little streets could be passed with eyes closed. And then she met Jivamukti. It was love at first sight and there was no way back. The rest is history. Would Aiste call herself a yogini? She is definitely on her way of becoming; always carrying her dreams in her carry on suitcase. 

Lina Balducci

Lina founded, managed and operated Egoist Body Studios (“One of the most gorgeous studios in London” Women’s Fitness) in the centre of London for ten years. She also organised yoga and pilates retreats worldwide including destinations like Bali, Morocco, Tenerife & Lithuania as well as many supper clubs for her clients. She is Body Control Pilates (BCP) trained Pilates teacher holding Body Control Pilates matwork (Level 3) qualification with further certificates in Intermediate & Advanced Matwork, Classical Mat, as well as Pilates with Band, Foam Roller, Balls and Magic circle plus Pregnancy Pilates as well as studio equipment courses. Lina has also worked closely with various physios guiding many clients’ rehabilitation post injuries. Pilates in her view is caviar of sports. Having graduated from MSc in Political Economics at LSE and coming from finance background Lina can relate to her busy clients and cater for their needs. Recently Lina had a little boy named Luca who will be the youngest participant of some of her future events and retreats. 


Whatever you girls touch you bring out beauty, it’s incredible!

Ksanthi Maragkoudaki

I never thought I could like or even love yoga… But after seeing Aiste’s teachings, I realised it was completely different than I imagined. Now I don’t know how I could have even lived without yoga or Aiste’s meaningful teachings. No more back pain! Highly recommended – her private classes and videos!

Agne Siaulytyte


I started practicing Pilates about 6-7 years ago. Lina’s class was one of my first introductions to Pilates and I have not looked back since. I love Pilates and I love Lina’s classes. She is the best Pilates teacher. When I attend her classes, I keep learning about my body. She pushes me a bit more each time to keep improving and developing new muscle strength and body control. I love my body and how strong I feel and this is thanks to her classes. I really look forward to each session because I get the right balance of challenge and nurturing and I feel so re-energized when I leave. I highly recommend Lina as a Pilates teacher. She is the best!!

Virginie Aster

I started going to Lina’s classes at Egoist body with the aim of improving my cycling, and not only have I gotten faster, but I’m now generally stronger, more toned, and have discovered a great way to de-stress.

James Griffin

Not just for the body but for the heart.

Xanthi Maragkoudaki

I have been practising Pilates with Lina for over five years. She first helped me recover from a back injury and she is now putting me back in shape after a c-section. Her understanding of individual body needs is impressive. She’s able to identify the right trigger points to adjust my posture and the correct way to move my body through Pilates and yoga practices. Nevertheless, it’s a true pleasure to work with her. She’s a fabulous girl.


I cherish my pilates class at Egoist. From the moment I walk in the door there is a positive vibe. The teachers are great; they help you focus but make it fun too. The space is a haven of calm. I leave feeling physically and mentally stronger.

Laura Spencer

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