Hello to Autumn from sisters

Last week whilst on my bike, I saw the first falling leaves in all the shades of gold. I missed it again – autumn has quietly knocked once. The usual way of presenting himself to us – elegantly, silently yet surely it comes to greet us. Summer, in my life at least, has the tendency of simply disappearing in between the fingers like sand. If someone would ask me now – what have you been up to this summer, I would probably have to think a few minutes. If we had to compare it with something, I would probably say it reminds me of my teenage years – passed so quickly, difficult to say what happened precisely yet most part of it was fun. Autumn is a slower being. In its presence, I always feel more mature and less in a hurry. I find the time to stop and enjoy.  That is why, when I open my calendar and see that September is close – I feel like the New Year is coming. It is perfect timing to restart and cleanse – body, mind, space and soul.  I would even call it the artful season – when all has a sense of depth, when moments are to be filled and never to be hollow. I will be honest, lately my inner self has felt a little lost – between new beginnings and never ending curves of life. It seemed just natural to let it flow out of me, without mapping my precise road – and it has been a great choice, yet what I missed, was those moments for my inner growth. Each day seemed like a random chapter from a book of my life which I am trying to read as fast as possible, yet forgetting to come back to the introduction – the part of the story where you understand all the “whys”. So I take this September as my best companion to sit down and map my inner self – my mind, body, space and soul. Because remember – you have time and you first have to love yourself. The rest shall come, just like autumn with those falling leaves. This week, is all about the slow time, the importance of self-care, the change not only in seasons but ourselves and of course about rest & pleasure of it when days get shorter. Autumn is like my favorite poem, that I repeat to remind myself that life can be a beautiful rhythm. And what is autumn to you?Changing seasons is not only what is visible to our eyes – it also what shifts within us. Embrace the change – just as you accept the changing winds. 
Feel Well, Do well,
This book was quietly waiting for me in the bookshelf. The last week it has moved onto my working desk and now it is the stage of me flipping through pages – allowing myself to dwell into one chapter, leaving the other for another day. It is a slow book because it brings to the essence of our connection to the things we live with. A perfect read for autumn evenings when you have that time to ask – is the cup that I am drinking my tea from makes the tea tastier or is it only a container for the tea? And yet, it is not simply about the things we live surrounded by, it is also about the things that live inside of us. It is about the patterns we create and the routines we follow because of “how we want to look”. But the reality is – we are all beautiful in our imperfections. This is what this book is about to me. It taught me – that my most beautiful pattern is “being patternless”.
Pleasure in Routine
Have You realized how fresh the mornings have become? It is not yet cold, yet it is the start of the so called “cuddle with my scarf” kind of season. This is when I allow myself to start a relationship with the seasonal activities for the natural movement of my body – so “hello morning walks with flat white in my hands”. I have also found that autumn is the season when I am craving for a routine – for this reason I sign up either for new activities – try out new sports or challenge myself with an online course. This time – it’s creative writing course, let’s see where it takes me. But if wellness is on your list why not join Curated by sisters monthly membership tailored especially for you – sign up and register, we will e-mail you to schedule a call. After having a conversation with you, we will send you a pack of video classes, questionnaires and daily suggestions for your practice and wellbeing. Yet, remember it is also possible to practice with sister Aiste if in Vilnius – the studio is coming up and will be sharing some updates and timetable already next week.
Scent the Change
Together with autumn we start noticing how the days are getting shorter. The beginning of September was a little sleppy – I started to watch my sleeping patterns and realized that in order to keep on track and be organized the full working day – I need a power nap. Guilty I am, yet how more productive I have become. Yet exactly the little reminder to stop and listen was what brought me to this new routine.  How are you experiencing this season change when it comes to sleep? Have you asked yourself this question? Are there any moments in your days that you are more tired than you were on summer days? If yes, gently try to readjust to new hours of sleep and rest. I have also started using essential oils more regularly to calm me in the evening and energize me in the mornings. My favorite ones for now are from my beloved Laime Kiskune. The one I use for the evening is called “sweet sleep” and believe me it smells like most beautiful dreams.
Run for the Sake of Art
Forget that the times have changed and until we can – let’s support all the possible arts. Visit exhibitions, take your friends to theatres, go to that concert you always wanted to. Autumn is the season for your inner growth and we should water it with art. This year, has been different and our socializing levels have changed dramatically so before we want to cuddle with our favorite wool blankets – let’s explore the world of culture. When travelling, I usually trust the artnet community with the calendar of events and exhibitions. 
Find Time
Time does not always have to be on our side. Yet only we are in charge of how we manage it. At least I would like to believe in this concept. The act of running makes it feel that we do more, but actually it only makes us tired. Where is that quality time, we are all thriving for? When was the last time you had a coffee with a friend and did not look at your phone, or the last time you were reading a book and did not check your instagram? We have become the slaves of multitasking and lost the pleasure of the moment. This season, we have promised ourselves to dedicate more time to moments&people and less to technologies&multitasking.  “One step at a time”, they say.. and we add  “bring the clarity to mind and quality to connection”.
Clean Space – Clean mind


Being a freelancer for a long time has given me basic rules of work from home – always make your bed, never start working in your pyjamas, clean your table before you finish work. These rules are nothing special, yet following them has become a habit which is something I do not notice anymore.  Though I am sure that they give me clarity, erase unnecessary distractions and chaos. Same goes to the living space – every season I tend to give clarity to the sensation I would like it to give me. Summer is usually a season which makes the house a little messy – your weekends are planned with runaways which makes your home a little departure room – clothes ready to wash, bags ready to be repacked, fridge filled with forest goods and living/relaxation space left untouched. A complete opposite goes to autumn. I love spending my evenings in the house, so I try to keep it warm, clean yet filled with my favorite scents. I have recently found this soy wax candle – its scent from now on fills all the corners of the room.  The scent I choose – tobacco and oak. ah…