The State of Quiet.

Some days are simply quieter than others. The mind is willing to say things, yet You feel – it is the time to invite a little silence to the table.Just before all the exciting news about the studio opening dates, timetable, types of classes, location and in-the-process updates which You will all receive this week – I am sending you some distractions on the topic of “the state of quiet” or the ways of how to find calm, when your body is a little lost. Because the evenings are getting cooler and we look for ways to prepare ourselves for the winter – in a slow and comforting way. 
Feel Well, Do Well,
P.S. Being lost does not mean You lost your way, it only means You need a little moment to stand still and breath…

Hegardt artwork

A. Hegardt / The Graceful Lines of Emotion


Some lines are simply more elegant than others. So happens to be with the work of Amelie Hegardt. Being a fashion illustrator she manages to find the beautiful balance between commercial and artistic approach. Her drawings always hide a story, emotion. The women that she visualizes on paper always carry an emotion whish is full of nostalgia and dreaminess. ah, how I wish I could hang one of those drawings on the studio walls.

where to stay in Vilnius

The Concept of Home


I’m perfect in my imperfection, your house suggests. I might not be as orderly as the hotel room, but that’s your own damn fault. You acquiesce. This isn’t just a house, it’s a home. And it’s yours. Your fist-shaped hole in the wall where you worked out feelings of abandonment upon the departure of your ex. Your pomegranate tree in the backyard from which you’ve harvested pomegranates but once, then lamented that you’ve become the type of person who uses words like “harvesting” when really – you just picked it.You think of the hotel room, and wonder if it’s thinking of you. Who’s in you now? Who’s calling you home? You wait for an answer, but it never comes.To read more

essential oils for sleep

The sleepy state


What is your good night ritual? What makes you sleep with ease and have a night of uninterrupted sleep?When it comes to sleep I only trust a good old pillow and a room difuser (I got mine ages ago from muji). For the essential oils I say be careful, we sometimes think it’s just a smell, yet it is so powerful. In the evening I go for this recipe: 2 drops  Ylang Ylang + 2 drops Lavender + 1 drop Cedarwood  + 1 drop Sweet Marjoram. I choose mine from the Neal’s Yard remedies.

hoy paris hotel evening yoga

All you Need is That Little Twist


Your body knows your mind a lot better than You think. For this reason, every evening that I feel my mind is tired – I use m body as a tool to awaken the inner smile and calm. Tonight I share with you a sequence for those short “self-love” evenings. It will only take You a couple of minutes, yet believe me the outcome comes within the speed of light.

anonymous poetry

Find The Rhythm for Your Heart


When I feel lost – I read. I read poems, letters, books, articles, quotes, loose words, graffiti, thoughts, stars. I read all that is invisible and yet has a shape of meaning to me. A meaning which I can visualize. Something I can build in my mind so there is less work to be done in the reality. When I need inspiration I look for it in the Paris review column “one word”.Here I share a poem by Aram Saroyan, which perfectly embodies the strangers who become friends called “my thoughts”.